About Mitch

Mitch Erceg Mitchell Erceg is a 94 year old retired carpenter and builder from Edison, New Jersey. Through a love of woodworking, coupled with a long-abiding passion for nature and wildlife, he uniquely expresses his love of life through his perfectly crafted, award-winning birdhouses.

Mitch has spent countless hours on nature walks and trips throughout the U.S. collecting nature's "left-overs" for his work. As you can see on his gallery page, each one lovingly reflects a life's worth of woodworking talents and personal experiences. Each of these birdhouses, crafted of natural materials, has been designed to suit the most finicky of birds and patrons alike!

Mitch finds most of his materials from storm wrecked, felled trees or donations from local tree surgeons, including all types of birch, apple, ash, cherry, red heart and western cedar, fir, maple, pine, sassafras, walnut, sycamore and more.

With painstaking craftsmanship Mitch devotes 3 - 4 days to the design and building of each of his pieces. Such dedication to old world craftsmanship is as rare today as one of Mitch's one-of-a-kind creations.

Mitch in the Press

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