Our History

It all began in 1992, when after just 4 years of retirement Mitch decided to apply his expert building skills to homes for birds rather than humans. As a lifelong artist, naturalist, and bird watcher, Mitch began creating birdhouses to attract more of his feathered friends to his yard. Because his first birdhouses were simple, elegant, unique and designed with a bird lover's heart, he received multiple orders from family and friends. And like a hatchling breaking out of its shell for the first time "For the Birds" was born.  

As in any driven artist, Mitch found inspiration in each new burl in the branch, and his creations began to accumulate. It was clear that he needed an outlet to sell his work. He started by showing at the Piedmont Art Festival in Atlanta Georgia, a well respected, juried fine art show. Mitch and his one-of-a-kind, fully functional, artistic birdhouses were an immediate hit! Over the next 25 years he participated in shows ranging from Atlanta, Georgia, to Lincoln Center, New York to Chester, New Jersey.

His birdhouses are now part of collections all over the world. (Most people find them too beautiful to even put outside.) Some of his most famous patrons are former President George H.W. Bush, Mrs. Mike Francesa and Jimmy Dean (of music and sausage fame). Many serious art collectors want Mitch to call them when his work takes on a new, creative twist.

He has always made time to share his extraordinary gift by donating to select charities like Habitat for Humanity and speaking to groups like the Boy Scouts of America, Public Schools and local Garden Clubs. His kind and gentle spirit combined with his love of life, boyish enthusiasm and sense of humor make each encounter with him, a truly unforgettable experience.

At the wise age of 89 years, and realizing that you're never too old to grow, Mitch decided it was time to have his own website. And like the first robin in Spring, "BirdHouseKing.com" arrived.