Our Materials

Most of our materials are found objects from nature. Once collected, the woods are allowed to air dry naturally, to maximize stability. Each birdhouse is carefully constructed with screws, brass nails, copper, various glues & epoxies. Some are sealed with lacquer, some are not. Some details are slightly color enhanced while others are bleached or in a totally natural state.
For versatility, all birdhouses can either stand freely or hang from the top or back. Mitch uses a wood burning tool to freehand his botanical decorations, to add more depth & interest. As a tribute to his mom, most birdhouses are adorned with a butterfly. She loved butterflies!

Each birdhouse is one of a kind, designed & constructed by Mitch alone. Although each birdhouse is completely functional, most are kept indoors to admire as beautiful works of art.

It should be noted that all wood expands & contracts. To minimize these variations, avoid extremes in temperature. These may include proximity to heating & cooling vents as well as direct sunlight. However, if a crack or two should appear overtime, understand that this is natural. As the wood ages, a rich patina may develop on some while the colors may lighten on others. Each type of wood has it's own special characteristics and each tree within that type may also vary. We hope you will enjoy these masterful creations every day as much as Mitch enjoys bringing each one to life!

Woods Used

African Olive, Aspen, Atlas Cedar, Atlas Spruce, Acorn Tops, Bocote, Black Walnut Slices, Box Elder, Branch Slices, Bubinga, Butternut, Canary Wood, Cherry, Chestnut, Coca Bola, Copper, Douglas Fir, Elm, Eucalyptus Pods, Lace Wood, Macadamia Nuts, Mahogany, Manzanita Roots, Maple, Mulberry, Padauk, Persimmon, Pink Ivory, Purpleheart, Red Cedar, Red Oak, Rosewood, Sassafras, Sycamore, Thika Pods, Tulip Wood, Various Vines, Walnut, Weathered Wood, Wenge, White Birch, White Oak, Wood Burls, Yellowheart and Zebra Wood.